A $0.00 WEPA Account balance is correct, unless you add funds to it.  To clarify, each student who pays the TechFee receives a $9.00 print credit per quarter ($13.50 per semester students), which is tied directly to your EagleCard, not the WEPA account. If you run out of EagleCard print credit, you can add funds to your EagleFlex account (at http://eaglenet.ewu.edu) and/or add funds to your Wepa account (at http://wepanow.com). After swiping your EagleCard at a WEPA station, you will see multiple payment options.

Refer to the example screenshot below for a visual (disregard balances).  Note the following highlighted areas:

  • EagleCard Account Balance (top right).
  • Wepa Account Balance (top right).  Your WEPA account is a valid option to fund and pay for printing.  Utilizing your Wepa account is completely optional.
  • Wepa Help and Support phone# (800-675-7639) and email (HELP@WEPANOW.COM).
  • Kiosk PROD# at lower left corner of screen.  Wepa support may ask for the PROD#, to identify the specific printer you are using, or having an issue with.