To use your EWU email account with your Android device, you can either download the Outlook app from Google Play (recommended) or setup your phone's native email application to use ActiveSync.

To  setup ActiveSync:

  1. From your home screen, click Settings.
  2. From the Settings screen, tap Accounts & sync.
  3. In the Accounts & sync area tap Add Account, select Exchange: ActiveSync from the list displayed.
  4. Enter your email account information in the spaces provided. Tap Next.
  5. Note When asked for server settings enter the following:
    • Connection Type: Use MAPI / ActiveSync if available, otherwise use IMAP
    • Username: (student) (faculty/staff)
    • Server:
    • Security: TLS, if that isn't available use SSL
  6. Select the type of information you want to synchronize.
  7. Click Finish Setup and then tap OK.
  8. Note: Different Android operating systems may vary from these instructions.