To use your EWU email account with your Android device, we recommend that you download the Outlook app from Google Play. Alternatively, access your email through a web browser at (mobile devices are supported) For instructions on configuring Outlook on your Android device, check out this article in our knowledge base.

If you don't want to install or use Outlook on Android, you can use either the built-in Gmail client or manufacturer-specific mail applications that we included with your phone. We have included links for some of the most common options below.

  • If you have a Samsung device, please refer to their instructions.
  • For general setup information from Microsoft, please refer to their knowledge base.
  • Google also provides information on their help site.

In all cases, you'll need the following information:

Connection Type: Use MAPI / ActiveSync if available, otherwise use IMAP



Security: TLS, if that isn't available use SSL