Entering Time Sheet info as Student Employee
Go to https://inside.ewu.edu/ Click on the “Employees” tab at the top right of the screen, a drop down menu will be displayed Click on “Timesheets fo...
Mon, Aug 1, 2022 8:56 AM
Entering Time Sheet information as EWU Classified or Exempt Staff
See this document:  https://in.ewu.edu/hr/wp-content/uploads/sites/40/2020/11/Timesheet-Employee.pdf
Mon, Nov 23, 2020 10:12 AM
Approving Timesheets in Banner
See this document:  https://in.ewu.edu/hr/wp-content/uploads/sites/40/2020/11/Timesheeet-Approval.pdf
Mon, Feb 6, 2023 8:49 AM
Eaglenet PayNow Browser Popup Blocked
Occasionally, browsers will block PayNow functionality in Eaglenet. When logged into into Eaglenet: Navigate to Student->Student Account->Pa...
Wed, May 25, 2022 10:31 AM
Generating Browser Debug (HAR) Files
What is a HAR File? A HAR (HTTP Archive) file holds detailed information about how a web page loads inside a customers browser session.  At times, IT ...
Tue, May 31, 2022 1:56 PM
Current Workaround for Student Not Able to Navigate Self Service Banner
This user can log into EagleNet, and buttons appear, but clicking on any button results in an error message like the following: "Sorry, the s...
Mon, Aug 1, 2022 8:56 AM