Tableau Server Navigation

A Quick Guide on Tableau Server Navigation


  1. To log into Tableau Server please use your SSO (Single Sign-On) credentials. Tableau Server link is under the A-Z Services (
  2. When you sign in to Tableau Server you will see navigation menu on the left side




  • Home – All in one palace, favorites, recent reports/views, reports shared with you, and reports/dashboards recommendations 
  • Explore – View all projects/directories you have access to
  • Favorites – All of your favorites (projects/directories, reports, dashboards)
  • Recent – See your recent activates
  • Shared with Me – Reports and Dashboards shared with you by other users
  • Recommendations – Tableau report/dashboards recommendation based on your current report content





3. To explore content please click on Explore navigation menu. 

  • You can view content as a list or as a grid by clicking View As icon

Here's the list view:

List view


Here is the grid view:

Thumbnail view



4. To browse and find content

  • To see all of the content you have access to across your Tableau site, from the navigation menu, click Explore. Your site role and permissions determine the content that you can see and the options that are available.

Explore page

        A - Content type menu

        B - Quick search

        C - Your account and settings


5. How to Run/Interact with Tableau Reports/Dashboards

To run/interact with Tableau dashboards/reports you will need to use your Oracle user name and password and not SSO. For Oracle password reset information, please refer to this article:



6. Finance reports are located under the Office of Controller Report Library project (i.e. directory) on Tableau Server. 



7. Institutional Research Tableau dashboards (student trends such as demographic, enrollment, retention, and etc.) are located at 

8. Eastern Washington University Fees Schedule Information located at 

9. Office of Grant and Research Development: Cumulative Dollar Awards by Year/Month


For more general information about Tableau server navigation, please go to the website.  

If you need any further assistance please view our Service Catalog for other Knowledge Base articles or contact the IT Help Desk via Phone: 509.359.2247 or Email: