Q. What is happening to @eagles.ewu.edu email addresses?

A. We are migrating all student accounts from @eagles.ewu.edu email addresses to @ewu.edu addresses.

Q. When is this change happening?

A. We are taking volunteers now and will begin migrations at the end of this academic year (June 14th). We will complete the migration by September 1, 2021.

Q. I'm ready to make the change now, what do I do?

A. Just fill out this form.

Q. Why is this change happening?

A. To explain this change, we need to share a little background on how your Microsoft account works today. @eagles.ewu.edu addresses exist in a completely separate organization from @ewu.edu addresses. This is why, for instance, students need to be added as guests to a Microsoft Team created by a faculty or staff member. It is also why files cannot be shared seamlessly in OneDrive between students and faculty or staff. As the need and desire to collaborate electronically between faculty/staff and students has grown, so have the problems of having two separate and distinct organizations.

To resolve these issues, we must migrate students from the @eagles.ewu.edu organization to the main @ewu.edu organization.

Q. What will be my new email address?

A. Your new email address will be currentusername@ewu.edu. So, if you are swoop@eagles.ewu.edu, your new address will be swoop@ewu.edu.

Q. Will my username (NetID) change?

A. No, it will stay the same.

Q. Can I change my username (NetID)?

A. If you have a name or gender change and would like your email address and NetID updated, just follow the normal procedure for students and faculty/staff.

Q. Will this affect Canvas, Google Workspace, or other services?

A. No, only your email address in those systems will be updated. This change will actually fix some problems that currently occur because student email addresses use the @eagles format, like notifications from Google Workspace.

Q. Won't there be conflicts with existing @ewu.edu accounts?

A. No, usernames are unique at EWU.

Q. Will, I still receive an email sent to my old @eagles.ewu.edu address?

A. Yes. We will forward all emails sent to @eagles.ewu.edu addresses for one year, until September 1, 2022. After that date, any emails sent to those addresses will fail.

Q. Will, I get a notice when my account is migrated?

A. Yes, we will notify before and after the account is migrated.

Q. What happens to generic @eagles.ewu.edu addresses?

A. Please send a request to helpdesk@ewu.edu for assistance with the migration of generic accounts.

Q. I'm an employee with both a current @ewu.edu address and @eagles.ewu.edu address. What will happen to my @eagles account?

A. Your student account will be closed and contents migrated to your @ewu.edu. If you don't need or want the contents migrated from your @eagles.ewu.edu account, please let us know by completing this form. You can also fill out that form to volunteer for early migration.

Q. Does EWU offer “accounts for life”? Aren't they free to EWU?

A. No, EWU pays licensing fees for all active accounts, including former students. Some of these fees are direct (i.e. to Microsoft and Google) and some are indirect through university site licenses.

Many of these services, such as Office 365 and Google G Suite, are only licensed services and we cannot guarantee their continued availability. Microsoft or Google can and do, change their terms of service on a regular basis. While we maintain contracts with these companies, those agreements have a typical lifespan of only a few years.

Q. What is happening to alumni accounts?

A. Alumni with @eagles.ewu.edu email accounts were given a one-year transition period starting last June (2020). Those accounts will be shutdown on July 1, 2021.

Q. How long do former students keep their accounts?

A. Students retain their account for one (1) year after they graduate or leave the institution. For more information about accounts for former students, see this FAQ.