1. From your desk phone, press the Messages button  or dial 4343. From an outside line, call 509-359-4343
  2. If you are calling from a phone other than your desk phone press * when Cisco Unity Connection answers. This will also allow you to access the voicemail box of a different extension from the one you are calling from.
  3. If prompted, enter your Connection ID (phone extension) and press #.
  4. Enter your PIN and press #, or the PIN of the other extension.
  5. The auto attendant will walk you through the following setup options. It will start from the beginning if you hang up before completing the enrollment; however it will save any changes that were made prior to hanging up.
  6. Record your name: You will hear a prompt to record your name. This is the name that users hear when you leave them a message.
  7. Record your greeting: Next, you will need to record a greeting. This is what users will hear when your extension is not answered.
  8. Change your password: It will require you to change your default password. Your password must be between 4 and 15 numbers.
  9. Directory Assistance: The system is automatically configured to associate your name with this extension in the telephone directory.

A printable voicemail guide is attached to this article below.

Once you have completed setup, you can access your University voicemail in multiple ways:

  • You can check your voicemail from your phone. For further instructions, see this article.
  • A copy of your voicemail is sent to your email inbox. If you need it to go to a different mailbox or if you don't receive them, please let us know.
  • You can also access your voicemail through the web at voicemail.ewu.edu. For advanced instructions, see this article.
  • From Jabber, if you have it installed. For instructions, see this article.