Q. How can I securely receive files from an external sender?

A. We have two options available, Filedrop and OneDrive. Filedrop is the replacement for Filelocker and OneDrive offers a similar feature, without having to use yet another system.

Q. Where do I learn more about these options?

A. We have published knowledge articles for both:

Q. What's happening with Filelocker?

A. Filelocker is being decommissioned on July 31, 2020. Filelocker was last updated in 2017 and our local version is even older. There are newer supported options that provide the same functionality, so Filelocker is no longer needed.

Q. Is there an option for Google Drive?

A. Unfortunately, there is no free or included option a secure file request/drop service in Google Drive, except to setup a Google Form. We can assist with this process, but it's much more involved than OneDrive or our Filedrop services. This is much more suitable for departments and programs, instead of individuals.