What is AppSpace and how do I use it?

AppSpace is the cloud solution used to manage content on EWU Digital Signage. These short introductory videos can help you get started with AppSpace.

How do I access AppSpace?

If you already have an AppSpace account, you can log in directly from the A-Z Services list on InsideEWU or you access it directly at https://cloud.appspace.com/. If you do not have an account, please open up a support request with the IT Help Desk at https://support.ewu.edu or by email

How do I create and publish content for my sign?

Digital signage managers can refer to these short videos for more information on content, cards, playlists, and channels.

How do I publish my content on other signs?

EWU does not centrally manage content for digital signage. Each sign owner makes their own decisions on which content is appropriate for their displays. Many signs do display content from the EWU General Content folder. Please refer to EWU Digital Content Submissions for information about how to submit your content to the EWU General Content folder.

Where can I find answers to specific questions about AppSpace?

The AppSpace Knowledge Center is the primary resource for answering your AppSpace questions. Whether you're a first time user or have a specific question, this resource can help you find the answers you need.

Who can help me with something else?

You can open up a Help Desk ticket with IT at https://support.ewu.edu or by email.