Duo has multiple options to meet your needs whether you are traveling domestically or internationally. In most situations, the Duo app for your smartphone should be all you need.

Duo Option Description Connection Required?
Duo Push A pop-up notification on your smartphone Yes, WiFi or cellular (2KB per push)
Duo App Pass Code A code generated by the Duo app on your smartphone or tablet No
Text/SMS A text message sent to your cell phone Yes, cellular
Call A phone call Yes, landline or cellular
Token A hardware token No

Our recommendation is to always enroll more than one device or option, in case your primary device is not available (lost, stolen, dead battery, etc.)  To enroll additional devices, visit our Duo FAQ.

Log in using a passcode generated by the Duo Mobile app installed and activated on your Android or iOS device. Open Duo Mobile and locate your organization's account in the accounts list, and tap it to generate a six-digit passcode. Enter that passcode into the space provided and click or tap Verify to log in to the application. 

Travel to Embargoed Countries

Individuals who are traveling internationally should check with the Director of Risk Management regarding potential export control issues associated with traveling with different types of multi-factor authentication technologies in accordance with EWU Policy 201-10 (Export Control). According to federal export control regulations, the Duo app and hardware tokens may not be transported or sent to embargoed nations identified by the U.S. State Department. The following nations are on the embargoed list as of January 2020:

  • Crimea Region of Ukraine
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria

If you are traveling to any of those countries, delete or uninstall the Duo app from any devices you will take with you and do not take Duo hardware tokens with you.

You can use other Duo options, such as a phone call or passcodes via text message, while traveling in embargoed countries.