Q. How do I setup Duo two-factor authentication on my account?

A. Instructions are available here: https://inside.ewu.edu/2fa/ The first time that you login to InsideEWU with Duo two-factor authentication enabled, you will be prompted to register your device(s). You will only need to register once. Registering your office phone as an alternate method of authentication is recommended.

Q. Do I have to use a mobile device?

A. There are several methods that can be used, including a mobile device app, SMS text message, and voice phone call options. While using a mobile device is most convenient option and the one that most users prefer, faculty and staff may request a hardware token instead. Replacements for lost or stolen tokens will be charged to the user's department.

Q. Can I use Duo with my smartphone without downloading the mobile app?

A. Yes, you can. If you do not want to download and use the Duo mobile app, you can specify this during the device enrollment process. You must choose "other" when selecting the smartphone's operating system. Please refer to the step-by-step setup guide in our knowledgebase.

Q. What if I replace or upgrade my mobile device? What if I get a new phone number or don't have access to my old number? 

A. You can enroll additional phones or tablets at any time. However, to prevent the malicious registration of unauthorized devices, you will need to have access to at least one of your registered devices. If you do not have access to one of your registered devices, you must contact the Information Technology department to have your device registration reset.

After reinstalling the Duo Mobile app, you can re-activate your account using the Manage Devices site. There, you can select the "Manage Devices" option and follow the prompts. The Duo Mobile app also now has a restore option, learn more about using it here.

Q. Are International numbers supported for SMS and voice call options?

A. No, only domestic US numbers are supported. Selected Mexican and Canadian carriers may work, but results will vary based on carrier and network. Please see the Adding a device with an international phone number to Duo 2FA knowledge base article for more information. 

Q. What should I do if I forget my mobile device at home?

A. If, as recommended, you've added your office phone to your Duo account, just select the appropriate device and select the "Call Me" option during login. If you didn't, please contact, by phone, your IT Pro or the IT Help Desk.

Q. What devices are supported?

A. iPhones and iPads running iOS 6.0 or later

Android phones and tablets

Windows mobile phones

Cell Phones and Landlines

Hardware tokens

Q. What browsers are supported?

A. Chrome



Microsoft Edge


Q. If I don't own a smart phone, how do I request a token?

A. For more information about tokens, see this FAQ. To request a token, complete this form.

Q. Do I need to install software on my laptop or home computer to use two-factor authentication?

A. No, two-factor authentication is integrated directly into the the InsideEWU login page, so no additional software is required.

Q. I am going to traveling, how can I continue to use two-factor authentication?

A. Yes. If you are using a smartphone, you can simply use the Duo mobile app to generate a passcode each time authentication is required. Data service is not needed to generate passcodes through the Duo Mobile app. If you have a token, just bring it along with you while traveling. If you are not able to use your mobile device while traveling and don't have a token, other options are available. For more information, see this article on Traveling with Duo.

Q. When logging in, how do each of the available options work?

A. Duo Push

When you click "Send Me a Push", Duo sends a login request to your phone or tablet (if you have Duo Mobile installed and activated on your iOS or Android device). Just review the request on your mobile device and tap "Approve" to log in.


When you click "Enter a Passcode", you'll need to enter a code generated with the Duo Mobile app, sent via SMS, or provided by the Help Desk. Click "Text me new codes" to receive a one-time use code. Note, codes sent by SMS expire after 5 minutes.

Call Me

First make sure that you have selected the appropriate device. When you click "Call Me", you will receive a voicecall from Duo. Follow the voice prompts to authenticate or report fraudulent activity.


If you have a token, insert into into your computer. At the Duo prompt, tap the metal button on your token.