eduroam is a federated network access service developed for universities and colleges around the world to share internet access. When you travel to a university that is a member of eduroam, you can join the 'eduroam' wi-fi network and use encrypted internet access for free. To learn more about eduroam, check out our FAQ.

Follow these directions no matter where you are connecting to eduroam from, whether it's the EWU campus or another eduroam-participating institution.

On a Windows 10 PC, begin by clicking the globe icon in the lower right of your screen. This should bring up a list of all available wireless networks. Select eduroam and click Connect.

WiFi Selection

You may be prompted for your username and password. If so, use the following values:


Password: your EWU SSO password

After providing this information, your PC should automatically connect. Confirm that you are connected to eduroam by verifying that you see the following information when you click on the WiFi icon in the lower right (which has replaced the globe icon).

eduroam connected