Our use of Google services is governed under a different set of terms and conditions than their commercial offerings and is fully FERPA compliant. You may read those terms and conditions here: https://gsuite.google.com/terms/education_terms.html?_ga=2.239627203.-1181186252.1559503530

Google's commercial terms of service do not apply to our use of Google Groups, Google Drive and Docs, and other "core" services.  Personal information is not collected or shared, there is no advertising, and what information is stored in the platform is private. Additional information is available on Google's site: https://support.google.com/a/answer/6356441?hl=en

Google is not HIPAA compliant and should not be used to store personal health information (PHI) for non-faculty, staff, or students. Unfortunately, we are not able to sign a Business Associates Agreement with Google, due to limitations it would impose on non-core Google services (Maps, YouTube, and many others).

If you need any further assistance please view our Service Catalog for other Knowledge Base articles or contact the IT Help Desk via Phone: 509.359.2247 or Email: helpdesk@ewu.edu