25Live is a web-based scheduling and space management system. EWU utilizes 25Live to assign classes to classrooms, request spaces on campus for events, and to populate university calendars. EWU departments utilize 25Live for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Academic Scheduling: Assign classrooms to classes utilizing Schedule25 and Lynx within 25Live
  • Event Planning: Review requested events and assign appropriate campus resources
  • Academic Departments: Request campus spaces for course-related and academic program-related meetings and events
  • Business Departments: Request campus spaces for departmental meetings and events
  • Student Organizations: Through an integration with EagleSync, student organizations are able to request spaces on campus

Logging In

To login, simply visit http://calendar.ewu.edu/ and use your SSO to login. You can access the 25Live link from the A-Z menu on InsideEWU. 

  • Employees: By default, employees are assigned to an employee security group with generic privileges when first logging into 25Live. If additional privileges are needed, please contact Event Planning.
  • Students: Students are not able to request spaces directly via 25Live. Students must request spaces via EagleSync if the event is associated with a student organization. Otherwise, they can reach out directly to Event Planning for guidance.

25Live Support

Need support for using 25Live? Contact one of the following departments depending on your need:

If you need any further assistance, please view our Service Catalog for other Knowledge Base articles or contact the IT Help Desk via Phone: 509.359.2247 or Email: helpdesk@ewu.edu