Q. Who is eligible for a SurveyMonkey account?

A. All faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students.

Q. Are there any response limits or other limitations?

A. No. University-provided SurveyMonkey accounts have unlimited usage.

Q. How do I get started?
A. To set up your account, follow these instructions.

Q. Where can I get help?

A. SurveyMonkey offers a comprehensive help center. Help topics include Design & Manage, Get Responses, Analyze Results, and more. You may also direct questions or problems to the IT Help Desk

Q. I have an existing SurveyMonkey account, can it be included in the university's agreement?

A. Yes! To convert an existing account, follow these instructions. If a paid account is converted, then billing will automatically be terminated. However, any subscriptions for paid accounts that are not converted will remain active unless voluntarily terminated by the account holder.

Q. I have an existing paid SurveyMonkey account, should I renew it?

A. No! SurveyMonkey will not prorate existing paid accounts, so you should not renew any existing licenses.

Q. Is SurveyMonkey FERPA and HIPAA compliant?

A. Yes, it complies with both FERPA and HIPAA. It is important, however, to ensure that proper university information security practices are still followed.

Q. What type of SurveyMonkey account does the university provide?

A. University-provided SurveyMonkey accounts are Enterprise accounts with every feature available that SurveyMonkey offers.

Q. What features are available?

A. SurveyMonkey Enterprise includes these features and more:


Gather comments all in one place 


Let team members analyze, filter, and export results 


Notify others when you get new responses 


Shared asset library


Unlimited surveys, questions, and responses 


Phone support and 24/7 email support 


Quizzes with custom feedback 


Custom logo, colors, and survey URL 


Question and page skip logic 


All data exports (CSV, PDF, PPT, SPSS, XLS) 


Advanced analyze features 


SurveyMonkey industry benchmarks 


Multilingual surveys 


Sentiment analysis 




Unlimited filter and compare rules, data trends 


Advanced survey logic tools 


Block randomization 


White label surveys 


Survey completion redirect 


Remove SurveyMonkey footer 


Unlimited API access


HIPAA-compliant features


Integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and Tableau


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