Accessing 25Live

Access 25Live from the A-Z menu on InsideEWU

Looking Up Space Availability

From your 25Live Dashboard, in the Quick Search box, find the Location Search field and type the building abbreviation and room number you want to look up 
Click the magnifying icon

Your search results will appear

Please note you can return to the dashboard at anytime by clicking the  25Live Pro link on the upper right menu bar 

Hover over the space name in the list to see details about the location

Choose the Calendar tab to view events in the location in a calendar format

Choose the Availability tab to see Daily availability

Choose the Availability Weekly tab to see weekly availability 

You may adjust the number of weeks to view

Hover over an event in the Availability grid to see event details

Submitting an Event Request

When you find an available time that suits you, click the pencil icon in the Day/Hour block to open the Event Wizard, which will allow you to submit an event request. Your ability to request individual spaces is dependent on your security group. Not all spaces are available to be requested by all groups. If you do not see a pencil icon, you do not have permission to request that space. Students must submit their event requests through EagleSync.

Complete the Event Wizard form to create your Event request

Click on the 'circled i' icon next to each field name for helpful tips

Use the list on the left side of the form for easy navigation

Be sure you have selected at least one location and have answered all questions on the form regarding the event

Click SAVE

The Event Planning office requires a 14 day buffer for event requests. They will process your request and send you a confirmation if your event is approved. You may contact them regarding your event request if you have any questions or need an exception to the 14 day buffer.

Visit the Series25 Help Site for complete 25Live Pro Help documentation

If you need any further assistance please view our Service Catalog for other Knowledge Base articles or contact the IT Help Desk via Phone: 509.359.2247 or Email: