Q. Does this mean we are moving to Gmail?

A. No. Since the campus uses Outlook and Office 365, Gmail is not available for EWU G Suite accounts.

Q. Who is eligible for a G Suite Account?

A. Google Calendar isn't available because it does not work correctly with Office 365 email accounts. Google Voice isn't available because it will not work with the university telephone system. Finally, Google+ isn't available because it operates under different terms of service than the other Google applications.

Q. Do I have to switch to Google Drive/Docs?

A. No. We have added Google Drive/Docs as another service, not as a replacement for OneDrive/Office 365.

Q. Can I use both Google Drive and OneDrive?

A. Yes.

Q. How do I access my EWU G Suite account?

A. You can login at https://www.google.com (enter username@ewu.edu, even for students) or you may use this shortcut: http://drive.ewu.edu

Q. Where can I learn more about Google Drive and Docs?

A. Google has online documentation available for Drive and Docs.

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