Logging into 25Live

Visit http://calendar.ewu.edu/ and use your SSO to login. You can access the 25Live link from the A-Z menu on InsideEWU. 

  • Employees: By default, employees are assigned to an employee security group with generic privileges when first logging into 25Live. If additional privileges are needed, please contact Event Planning.
  • Students: Students are not able to request spaces directly via 25Live. Students must request spaces via EagleSync if the event is associated with a student organization. Otherwise, they can reach out directly to Event Planning for guidance.

Scheduling a Virtual Event

  1. Login to http://calendar.ewu.edu/
  2. Select "Event Form". 
  3. Enter an appropriate Name and Event Title for Campus Calendars
  4. Select the following Event Type:
    • Virtual Event 25L - any virtual event or meeting
  5. Select the Organization hosting the event. If the organization is not listed or listed incorrectly, contact 25Live@ewu.edu.
  6. Enter a Maximum Headcount, Event Description, Event Date and Time, and any Additional Pre-Event or Post-Event Time you may need.
  7. Select the following Location:
    • "A Virtual Meeting Location" (you will need to include your meeting or registration link in the description if you would like others to be able to join)
  8. Complete the Requirements section. 
  9. Select "Yes" or "No" for the Add to Event CalendaCustom Attribute. Review the Creating an Event for the Campus Event Calendars help guide for additional details. 
  10. After completing the Affirmation, you will be able to save your event and it will be sent to Event Planning for review.