If you would like your event to appear on EWU's internal event calendar (primarily for students, faculty, & staff) and EWU's public event calendar (primarily for prospective students, alumni, & community), then you will be prompted to select "custom attributes" once you've selected an open event or meeting type. Event Planning and MarCom will review your selections to ensure they are appropriate for the calendars. If you do not see the necessary custom attributes, please contact 25Live@ewu.edu.

Logging into 25Live

Visit http://calendar.ewu.edu/ and use your SSO to login. You can access the 25Live link from the A-Z menu on InsideEWU. 

  • Employees: By default, employees are assigned to an employee security group with generic privileges when first logging into 25Live. If additional privileges are needed, please contact Event Planning.
  • Students: Students are not able to request spaces directly via 25Live. Students must request spaces via EagleSync if the event is associated with a student organization. Otherwise, they can reach out directly to Event Planning for guidance.

Scheduling an Event

To schedule a new event that will appear on a campus event calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Login to http://calendar.ewu.edu/
  2. Select "Event Form". 
  3. Enter an appropriate Name and Event Title for Campus Calendars
  4. Select one of the following Event Types:
    • Course Related 25L - an event or meeting related to a specific course
    • Open Event 25L - an event promoted to others outside your organization
    • Open Meeting 25L - a meeting promoted to others outside your organization
    • Virtual Event 25L - any virtual event or meeting
  5. Select the Organization hosting the event. If the organization is not listed or listed incorrectly, contact 25Live@ewu.edu.
  6. Enter a Maximum Headcount, Event Description, Event Date and Time, and any Additional Pre-Event or Post-Event Time you may need.
  7. Select your preferred Location(s). Options will be based on headcount and date/time. 
  8. Complete the Requirements section. 
  9. Select "Yes" for the Add to Event CalendaCustom Attribute.
    • Select a Category that fits your event. See examples of how to categorize events below.
    • Select whether the event is open to the following audiences: 
      • Faculty & Staff
      • Alumni & Community
      • Students & Families
    • If you are unsure about any of your selections, leave a Comment.
  10. After completing the Affirmation, you will be able to save your event and it will be sent to Event Planning for review. 

After Submitting Event

Once an event has been submitted that includes the Event Calendar custom attributes, Event Planning will verify the following information: 

  • Event Title for Campus Calendars - Ensuring it is free of spelling and grammatical errors and clearly depicts the event.
  • Event Description - Ensuring it is free of spelling and grammatical errors and clearly explains the event details.
  • Custom Attributes - Ensuring the attributes are selected that align with the event.
  • Comments - Reviewing to ensure no additional modifications are needed. 

Event Calendar Structure


  • Students & Families
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Alumni & Community



Admissions & Orientations

Examples: Admissions open house, new student orientation, welcome week events, etc.

Arts & Culture

Examples: Plays, musicals, music program events, concerts, etc.

Campus-Wide Only used for campus-wide events that do not fit a specific category. Examples: Homecoming events, Welcome Week events, etc.

Careers & Networking

Examples: Career Center events, recruiter tabling, alumni & foundation networking events, etc.

Ceremonies & Festivals

Examples: Awards ceremonies, Alumni Awards, food festivals, Neighborfest, ROTC honors/recognitions, etc.

Diversity & Inclusion

Events with an emphasis on promoting diversity & inclusion. Examples: Almost anything hosted by the Pride Center, MCC, or any of the cultural studies programs, etc.

Financial Aid Deadlines Only used for Academic Calendar events. Do not select this category. Please reach out to regonline@ewu.edu if a financial aid deadline needs to be added to the calendars. 

Health & Safety

Examples: Safety drills, EWU police events, Counseling and Wellness Services events, etc.

Holidays & Breaks Only used for Academic Calendar events. Do not select this category. Please reach out to regonline@ewu.edu if a holiday needs to be added to the calendars. 
Instruction Dates Only used for Academic Calendar events. Do not select this category.

Lectures & Forums

Examples: General interest forums, academic lectures that are open to multiple campus groups, etc.

Service & Fundraisers

Examples: Community Engagement events and community service opportunities, philanthropic events, anything raising funds, Giving Joy Day, Giving Tuesday, etc.

Sports & Recreation

Examples: Any sporting events Athletics submits that are open to the public, club sport matches, intramural tournaments, HS games hosted on campus, etc.

Trainings & Workshops

Examples: HR events, training seminars and workshops, etc.

If you need any further assistance, please view our Service Catalog for other Knowledge Base articles or contact the IT Help Desk via Phone: 509.359.2247 or Email: helpdesk@ewu.edu