Threadz is a discussion visualization tool that adds graphs and statistics to Canvas discussions.

The visual representations created from social network connections and interactions between students and instructors in a discussion assist in identifying specific behaviors and characteristics within the course, such as:

  • Learner isolation
  • Non-integrated groups
  • Instructor-centric discussions
  • Key integration (power) users and groups 

By identifying these behaviors and characteristics, the instructor can affect change in these interactions to help make the discussions and classroom discourse more accessible to all. The permissions to use this tool are not restricted by role. Both students and teachers are able to access Threadz when made available.

Adding Threadz to Your Course

Adding Threadz to your Canvas course is simple and just takes a couple clicks of the mouse. Go to your course Setting-> Navigation tab and drag Threadz up to the top list. Don't forget to click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page. For more information, visit Threadz

Image of Canvas Navigation screen highlighting the click and drag movement of a navigation item