The first time that you select scan to Google Drive on a copier, you will need to authorize PaperCut to access your account. You only need to do this once.

  1. Login to a copier with PaperCut
  2. Select the Scanning option at the PaperCut screen.
  3. Select Google Drive
  4. Scan your documents.
  5. Complete your scans and log out of the device.
  6. Go to your computer or another device with access to your email and follow the process below:

a. Open the email from PaperCut and click the button labeled Login to Google Drive.

b. If you are logged into more than one Google account, select your account:

c.  Click confirm if requested. You will see the message below after you've successfully authorized access to your account.

d. Look for an email from PaperCut with a link to your newly scanned documents. They will be automatically uploaded to a folder labeled Scans for PaperCut MF at the root of your Google Drive.

Note: Google Shared Drives are not currently supported, but PaperCut plans to add support soon.