EWU has two rubrics used to review online/distance Ed courses at the university: an abbreviated, standards-only rubric, and a full rubric that includes best practices for online learning. When completing the Course Review Request form, select the appropriate rubric for your needs. All Accelerated Program courses must use the Full Course Review Rubric. 

Abbreviated Course Review Rubric
The Abbreviated Course Review Rubric is used for course reviews conducted by EWU’s Instructional Technology and Web Services (ITWS) in accordance with the U.S. Department of Education, NC-SARA, NWCCU, and EWU.

Full Course Review Rubric
The Full Course Review Rubric identifies 21 criteria over six categories and is used as a course development and evaluation tool. This tool identifies best practices in an understandable way and is intuitive to use as a guide in developing or redesigning courses.

The six categories in the full rubric are: Learner Support & Resources, Regular and Substantive Interaction (Faculty), Regular and Substantive Interaction (Student and Content), Course Alignment, Course Structure and Design, and Innovative Teaching with Technology.

(Note: In order to access the EWU Course Review rubric you will need to be signed into Google Drive with your EWU account.)