To allow users to track the progress of their Panopto interactive quizzes in Canvas, they will be synced to the grade book in Canvas. This will allow instructors to both see who has taken it, what they have scored, and to add those scores to the users grades for the course. Students enrolled in the course will be able to see and take the assignment through Canvas.


1. Creating an Assignment (Instructor)

1.1.  Log in to Canvas and navigate to a course where you want to create a Panopto video based assignment (Fig. 5).

User-added imageSee Figure 5

1.2.  Select Assignments in the left-hand navigation option. Then select the + Assignment button in the top right-hand corner (Fig. 6).

User-added imageFigure 6

1.3.  Now you can give the Assignment a title and assign a number of points you want it to be worth (Fig. 7).

User-added imageFigure 7

1.4.  Select your Panopto Recordings as the external tool from the Find button menu (Fig. 8). If you check 'Load in a new Tab,' the video will launch in the full Panopto viewer in a new browser tab.  If you leave this unchecked, the video will be embedded directly within the Canvas assignment.

User-added imageFigure 8
Note: Please select Panopto Quiz Assignment Tool when searching for the external tool.

1.5.  This will pop up the embedded upload control and you can select what Panopto video you want to set as the assignment. Once selected, click Insert and go to the next step (Fig. 9).

User-added imageFigure 9

1.6.  You can set the due date and when the assignment opens and then click Save for later editing or Save & Publish so students can take it (Fig. 10).

User-added imageFigure 10

1.7.  Once saved, the Assignment will now show up on the Assignments page and can be edited by the instructor. Once published it can also be taken by Students (Fig. 11).

User-added imageFigure 11

Note: You can embed a video without an existing Quiz in it. If you want to do this you can Save, go to Panopto and create the Quiz in the Editor, and then go back to Canvas and click Save & Publish.

If you embed a video with multiple quizzes, you will get rolled up into one score and tracked as one assignment instead of one for each quiz in the video.


2. Taking an Assignment (Student)

2.1.  Once the Assignment has been published in Canvas, a Student who is enrolled in the course can see it and take it. Log in to Canvas and go to the Course you are enrolled in where the new Panopto assignment is published by the Instructor. Select Assignments in the left-hand navigation option (Fig. 12).

User-added imageFigure 12

2.2.  Select the newly created Panopto External Assignment. If you checked the box to "Load Tool in a New Tab" from step 1.4., you may see a new tab (Figures 13 & 14), and if you left that box unchecked you will see the embedded player (Figure 15). 

User-added imageFigure 13

User-added imageFigure 14

User-added imageFigure 15
2.3.  Once you have completed the video Quizzes, the information will be submitted to Canvas as a percentage result for the assignment.

Note: We do not plan to allow for partial reporting if a user closes the video before taking the quiz or doesn't finish the quiz nothing will be reported up to Canvas.

3. Seeing Grades (Instructor)

3.1.  Log in to Canvas and go to the Course where you have created the assignment once people have taken it. Then go to Grades in the left-hand navigation link. The Panopto external assignment will show up in the grid and the scores of anyone who has taken it will also show up (Fig. 16).

User-added imageFigure 16

3.2.  You can also use the Individual View in the top right hand of the Grade book to see the individual Students who might have taken each assignment and how they did, their comments, and answers (Fig. 17).

User-added imageFigure 17

3.3. You can also message students from here and view data about the assignment, etc (Fig. 18).

User-added imageFigure 18

Note: It may take up to 3-6 hours for the student grades to populate into the Canvas Gradebook.