Poll Everywhere Overview

Poll Everywhere is a web and mobile student response system. During in-person of remote classes, instructors can display a Poll Everywhere activity on-screen and students respond with their computers or phones. Results appear live on-screen for the class to discuss or for the instructor to grade. Instructors can use PollEverywhere to take attendance, give quizzes in class, find out how well the class has understood a lesson, and generally make learning more active.

Accessing Poll Everywhere

Instructors will access Poll Everywhere through https://www.polleverywhere.com/. Students will access Poll Everywhere through the link provided by the instructor. 

Requesting a Full Account

To request access to a full Poll Everywhere account, please email your request to Instructional Technology or submit a ticket via https://support.ewu.edu/.

Integrating Polls with Canvas

For a guide to importing your class roster into Poll Everywhere and exporting your poll results to your Canvas gradebook, visit LTI Advantage guides and select the Canvas LTI Advantage Educator Guide PDF. 

Poll Everywhere Support

Need help with Poll Everywhere? Visit their Support Center for a collection of guides and video tutorials. Or you can Contact Poll Everywhere for troubleshooting assistance.