The steps below outline the process for importing a zip file containing publisher questions banks. This process is only compatible with the Windows environment. Mac users wishing to import through Respondus can use the EWU virtual labs for this purpose.

Prior to starting this process, download and save the publisher zip file to a location on your computer where you will easily be able to locate it, such as your Desktop.


Extract Files




Once the zip file has been downloaded, the files within it must be extracted and saved to your computer. Locate the zip file and right click to access the context menu. Click "Extract All", specify a destination, and choose "Extract" to complete the process.


Current Personality


For "Current Personality", click the dropdown and select "IMS QTI". Click the "Import Questions" button.


Import Questions


  1. Choose QTI for the "Type of file"
  2. Use the "Browse" button to locate and select the file to be imported.
  3. Select "Create a new document" and enter the name of the file to be created. This will become the name of your Question Bank. Ignore the "Use stem plus" option to create question titles, as those are not visible in Canvas.
  4. Click the "Preview" button to preview the questions being imported and to see if there are any warning messages. If warning messages are shown at the bottom of the screen, you need to determine whether to make changes to the text file or whether to continue with the import.
  5. Click "Finish" to complete the import and proceed to the Edit screen. 


Question Preview


At the bottom of the screen, "Question List" displays the imported questions. Click the Question Menu next to an individual question icon to access options for that question. If changes are required for a particular question, choose "Edit" to display that question on the screen in an editable format.


Edit Question


With the question displayed in the "Edit" screen, make any necessary changes. When all updates are complete, click "Save Changes" to save changes in the question bank.


Preview & Publish


When all edits are complete, click the "Preview & Publish" tab at the top of the screen to proceed. 


Save QTI File


On the "Preview & Publish" screen, make "Points" and "File Format" selections as indicated. Click "Save As" to save the question file to your computer.



Save the file in a location where you will be able to easily locate it during the Canvas import. This completes the necessary steps in Respondus. The remainder of the process takes place in Canvas.


Import Course


Within Canvas, select the course into which the question bank will be imported. Choose "Settings" and then "Import Course Content".


Select Content Type


 From the "Content Type" dropdown menu, select "QTI .zip file".


Locate and Select File


Use the "Browse" button to find and select the saved zip file from the Respondus import process. Click "Open" to proceed.


Complete Import


Do not select the "Overwrite" option. In the Question bank drop-down menu, select the Question bank you want to use for your question bank.  If you do not have a question bank you want to use, you can create a new question bank. In the drop-down menu, select the "Create new question bank" option. Click "Import" to proceed.


Imported Quiz and Question Bank


When the import has completed, view the quiz by accessing the Quizzes link in Course Navigation.



 A corresponding Question Bank will also be created, with the same set of questions. NOTE - the Quiz may be deleted, and the Question Bank will not be affected.