Occasionally, the need arises to allow a student extra time to complete coursework, past the end of a term. The best way to accomplish this is using an incomplete section with dates in the range you wish to extend. You can then add the student (s) in question into that section so the course remains open for them, but not the rest of the students in the course. 


1. Navigate to Settings of the course in question. Select the Sections tab. Type in the title of "Incomplete" and select the +Section button. 



2. Select the newly created section link.



3. Select Edit Section on the right side of the screen.



4. Use the calendar icon to add Start and End dates/times for this new section. Be sure to Select the “Users can only participate…” box. Select Update Section to save your changes



5. Navigate to the People section in the left menu and select the gear icon dropdown menu for the student(s) in question. Select Edit Sections.



6. Click on the Browse button to find and select the “Incomplete” section. Repeat this for yourself to be added to the Incomplete section. Select Update to save your settings



You and everyone in the Incomplete section now have access to the course through the dates you selected

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