After opening any Office application or document, your Mac may show an error message saying, "Your account can view documents, but it doesn't allow editing on Mac. To edit, use another account activate Office" or "Your account does not allow editing on Mac devices."

To resolve this issue, try these solutions in order until the issue is resolved.

Solution 1

1. Open Word

2. Click on your name or your account name in upper left. 

3. Log out of your existing EWU account and any other accounts listed here by clicking Sign Out.

4. Next, click Sign In. It should redirect you to the regular EWU login page. If, instead, you are asked for a username, enter your full email address,

5. Login as normal, including Duo.

6. Yhe issue should be resolved and your account show that you are signed in.

Solution 2

If the first solution didn't work, you will need to try refreshing your Office license.

1. Open Word

2. If you are shown a "What's New" window then follow the prompts or follow Microsoft's guide to activate Office for Mac

3. If that window does appear, completely exit out of Word.

4. Then, in MacOS, open the Keychain Access app (Launchpad > KeyChain Access or Finder > Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access)

5. Select All Items and search for "Office." Delete all entries. Also search for "ADAL" and "unknown" and delete any matching entries.

6. Reopen Word and it should now show the "What's New" prompt. Follow the steps in Microsoft's guide to activate Office for Mac to complete reactivation.

Solution 3

If the first two solutions didn't work, you will need to remove your existing Office license files.

1. Launch each Office app (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), select the application name and choose sign out, then quit the application.

2. In Finder, browse to folder ~/Library/Group Containers

3. Locate all of the folders listed below and drag them to the Trash



4. Empty Trash

5. Open Word and sign in and, if prompted, re-activate as shown in Solution 2.

Solution 4

If the first three solutions didn't work, you will need to completely remove and reinstall Microsoft Office.

1. Follow Microsoft's instructions to uninstall Office for Mac

2. Re-install Office for Mac

If none of these solutions work, please contact the IT Help Desk for further assistance.