You've submitted a service request for a new cell phone and you have just received word that it has been delivered. What comes next? 

Upon pick up, remove the phone from the packaging and power it on. You will see an Apple logo appear on the screen during the boot process. 

Set your preferred language. In this example, tap 'English' to proceed. 

Tap United States as the Country or Region

Tap 'Set up Manually' under the Quick Start screen

Tap EWUsecure under Choose a Wi-Fi Network

Enter your Username and SSO password.

Tap Trust under the certificate settings

Wait a few moments while the device connects to the network. Once finished, tap Next.

The next screen will state that it will take a few minutes to activate the phone.

Confirm that you see the Wi-fi reception Icon and the Carrier name / Signal Strength bars on the top left of the device screen.

If this is a brand new device (and not an upgrade), select “Don’t Transfer Apps & Data”.

The next screen will be Remote Management. This will install Self Service on the device. Tap Next.
 The device will start to Configure itself. This will take a few moments.

The next screen will relate to Location Services. If you wish to utilize the GPS functionality of the device, you can enable the service. If you wish to preserve battery life, you may opt to disable location services. Either way, you can enable to disable this service after the device has been set up in the settings menu.

The phone will now move to the home screen.

If you wish to install third party applications, you must use the Self Service app, highlighted above. The traditional Apple App store has been disabled on EWU managed devices.

Any questions? Please contact the IT Help Desk at 509.359.2247 or via e-mail at