This is how you would forward your EWU phone line in Cisco Jabber. For this example, we'll forward our second programmed line but its the same as your first programmed line or any line for that matter. 

How to forward the second line on Cisco Jabber, this is the same process for your primary line or any other programmed line you may have:

Locate and Click on the icon at the bottom left of the jabber window, to the right of your name and extension. (Highlighted in Yellow in the picture)

A new window will pop up like the one pictured below.

Click on the drop down box under Forward Calls and select the line you want to forward and where you want it to forward to. Choose "New Number" to forward to a cell phone or a different telephone number. Use the EWU dialing rules to do so.

If you have any issues please contact the help desk at x2247 (509.359.2247).

Thank you!