As a prerequisite, your UC service profile will need to be changed to allow the Jabber widget. Please check with the EWU IT help-desk first before attempting.

If you were told your UC profile is correct for a Jabber the "Hunt Group" and you DONT see the "Hunt Group" icon on the left hand side . Continue with the steps below to reset your jabber profile. Otherwise, skip to step "3".

1.) Click on the profile image icon on Jabber and choose "Sign Out".


2.) Click on "Reset Jabber" and choose "Reset" in the pop up window.

3.) When it has completed the reset. Sign in again using your SSO credentials and you should now see the new "Hunt Group" widget on the left hand side. 

4.) Click on the icon and you should see an option to either "Log in" or "Log out". Choose what you need to.