Justification for Mobile Device Request

University-owned cell phones may be provided to employees with a legitimate need for such equipment. When it is more efficient or when official business cannot be accommodated by other means, acquisition and use of a university-owned cell phone may be authorized. In such circumstances, supervisors will request a cell phone using the Purchase Cell Phone service request.  All requests for cell phones must be justified in writing and be approved by the appropriate Budget Authority, and must provide the IT Help desk with a Budget Index of his/her delegate. The use of a cell phone by an employee for University business is for the benefit of the University in the furtherance of its mission; it is not for the convenience of the employee.

A ‘legitimate need’ is defined as follows: The need to be readily accessible for contact with the public or with university faculty, staff, or students, for required or essential business communication due to:

  • frequent travel, working at a remote location, etc;
  • the need to receive or initiate communication in emergency situations;
  • the need to be accessible and available during working hours (when away from assigned land-line telephone) and/or during non-business hours; and/or,
  • the need to frequently access email and calendar when access is not readily available through other means.


There are two options available in regards to needing mobile support from EWU. Below are the options in accordance with EWU 203-03 Cellular Telephone and Services Policy

  • Assign a University-owned device.
    • Click HERE and choose which device you would like. 
    • Click HERE to submit the Service Request. Fill out all fields and click submit. 
  • Authorize reimbursement for employees who have occasional minimal use of a cell phone for business purposes. 
    • To request reimbursement under this section, the employee shall complete an Invoice Voucher available at the accounts payable web site.  The employee’s supervisor and the appropriate budget authority must approve and sign the request before forwarding it to the Office of the Controller, Attn: Accounts Payable