If you need to update or change the Apple ID associated with your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), follow these steps:

1. Open Settings
2. Tap Your Name at the top

3. Scroll to the bottom, tap Sign Out

4. It will ask to keep a copy of your data. Just tap Sign Out again.

5. It will ask again. Tap Sign Out another time.

6. You will be taken back to Settings. Tap Sign in to your iPhone.

7. Enter your email address and tap Next.

8. Tap Continue.
9. You will be taken to the normal EWU login. Proceed.

10. If you are enrolled in two-factor authentication, you will get the Duo prompt. This will still work on the iPhone without being signed into an AppleID or, alternatively, select another option to authenticate.

11. Success! You will be logged into your iPhone and will be returned to the settings screen.