Apple computers running macOS X Catalina (10.15) may fail to connect to the eduroam wireless network after May 30 2020 with the error "The identity of the authentication server could not be established."

The identity of authentication server could not be established

Most macOS X computers would have prompted users to accept a new certificate. If the computer has an eduroam configuration assistant profile installed it will override the certificates in the user keychain and prevent the certificate from being updated.

The user can check to see if a profile has been installed by following these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences (click on the Apple logo in the top left window and then select System Preferences)
  2. In the search box type Profile
  3. If you do not see a preference option for Profiles then there are none installed

If the profiles option does exist they should select that option and review which profiles have been installed (see image).  Any labeled eduroam  should be deleted.

eduroam profile in System Settings Profile option

The next time the computer attempts to connect to eduroam the user will be prompted to accept the updated certificate and will then be able to connect.

If you are still having issues. Please visit or contact the EWU IT help-desk at Sutton Hall, or at 509.359.2247