Q. What is the policy on account eligibility?

A. There are several relevant policies and procedures, they include EWU 901-02: Appropriate Use of University Resources, Account Eligibility Procedure, and Account Creation and Closure Procedure.

Q. I am a faculty emeritus, do I get to keep my account?

A. Yes. Emeritus faculty can retain their account indefinitely.

Q. I'm a former employee, do I get to keep my account?

A. No. Former employees do not retain access to their account, except for limited access to Banner for payroll and tax purposes.

Q. I'm a former employee and a current student, do I get to keep my account?

A. Yes, you retain eligibility for your account until you no longer meet the criteria for retention of student accounts (i.e. one year after graduating or not enrolling in a class.) See this article for student account FAQs.