Q. How long do I get to keep my account after I graduate or leave EWU?

A. Students retain their account for one (1) year after they graduate or leave the institution.

Q. What is the policy on account eligibility?

A. There are several relevant policies and procedures, they include EWU 901-02: Appropriate Use of University Resources, Account Eligibility Procedure, and Account Creation and Closure Procedure.

Q. I'm a former employee and current student, do I get to keep my account?

A. Yes, you retain eligibility for your account until you no longer meet the criteria for retention of student accounts (i.e. one year after graduating or not enrolling in a class.)

Q. I plan to re-enroll. What will happen to my account?

A. If you re-enroll prior to your account’s expiration date, no changes will be made to your account until you are no longer eligible for an account again.

Q. What happens if I re-enroll after the expiration date?

A. Your account will be recreated with the same username, but any data you left in your old account will not be available.

Q. Why doesn’t EWU offer “accounts for life”? Isn’t this free to EWU?

A. No, EWU pays licensing fees for all active accounts, including former students. Some of these fees are direct (i.e. to Microsoft and Google) and some are indirect through university site licenses.

Finally, as many of these services, such as Office 365 and Google G Suite, are only licensed services, we cannot guarantee their continued availability. Microsoft or Google can, and do, change their terms of service on a regular basis. While we maintain contracts with these companies, those agreements have a typical lifespan of only a few years.

Q. Is there any way that I can keep my account?

A. If you’d like to retain your account, we’d encourage you to enroll in a class or program!

Q. Do I retain access to all online services if I'm not currently enrolled?

A. The university has extended benefits for recently graduated and enrolled students for due to the pandemic: https://inside.ewu.edu/news/ewu-to-extend-student-services-to-recent-and-upcoming-grads/

Note, this extended eligibility does not apply to other past students and alumni.