Using the Duo Mobile app with your smart phone is the recommended method for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). If you don't have a smart phone, a token device like the YubiKey, can serve as your 2nd factor.  To use a YubiKey with Duo, you must have the following:

  • A supported modern browser (current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge)
  • An available USB port that is the same type as your YubiKey (USB-A or USB-C)
  • Your YubiKey

Enrolling your YubiKey

1. Visit 

- If you haven't enrolled in Duo yet, click on the "REGISTER FOR TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION" button

- If you're already enrolled in Duo and want to add your YubiKey, click on the "MANAGE DEVICES" button

2. If you are adding a YubiKey to your existing devices, Click "Add another device"

3. Select Security Key for the type of device you are adding and click Continue

4. On the next screen, click Continue and a browser popup should appear.

5.When prompted, plug in and tap your YubiKey. You may be asked to tap a second time.

6. You should now see that your YubiKey has been added and is ready for use.

For instructions on authenticating with your YubiKey, please see: