Navigating Jabber

  1. Status message/Profile
  2. Key Pad
  3. Search Bar
  4. Recent calls
  5. Meetings/Calendar
  6. Voicemail
  7. Call Settings
  8. Settings Menu

Place a call

You can search for a contact to place a call:

  • Type the person’s name in the Jabber hub Search or call field.
    It is best to type the name as completely as possible since Jabber will only display the first 15 matches. 
  • Hover over the appropriate contact’s name in the search results and click .


Type their number:


  1. Type the person’s phone number in the Jabber hub Search or call field.
  2. Click next to the Search or call field.
    The call is placed to the entered telephone number. 

Receive a call

You must be logged in to the Jabber application to receive a call using your softphone. Settings affect a telephone number regardless if they are set on your desk phone or your softphone. So, for example, if your forward your desk phone to voicemail, your softphone is also forwarded to voicemail and you will not receive calls. Changing the setting on one also changes the setting on the other.

When you receive an incoming call, you’ll see a call window open on your computer screen. 

  • Click Answer to accept the call.
  • Click Decline to forward the call to voicemail.

Forward and unforward calls


  1. Click the Call Settings icon  in the Jabber hub (bottom left).
  2. Scroll to Forward Callsand either:     
    • Select Voicemail to forward your calls to voicemail.
    • Select among the listed numbers (numbers to which you’ve recently forwarded your calls).
    • Select New Number to enter another phone number. Enter a phone number following the EWU dialing rules and click Forward.


  1. Click  in the Jabber hub (bottom left).
  2. Scroll to Forward Calls: and select None from the drop down menu.

Place a call on hold  

  1. Click more menu icon in the active call window.
  2. Select Hold.
    The call is placed on hold. Click Resume to resume the call.

Transfer a call

Transferring allows you to transfer a call from your softphone to another phone.

  1. Click more menu icon in the active call window.
  2. Select Transfer.
    This places the active call on hold.
  3. Type the name of the person or the phone number to which you want to transfer the call in the search box. 
  4. Select the person or number when it appears in the search list.
    You are connected to that number  
  5. Press Transfer to complete the transfer. 
  6. Click end call icon.

Set your speaker and microphone preferences


In the Jabber hub, click the gear icon in the upper-right side and then click Settings.

Click Audio to display the ringer, speaker and microphone options.


Select your preferences and then click Apply then OK.