Q. How do I check my voicemail?

A. Voicemail is accessible in multiple ways:

  • You can check your voicemail from your phone. For further instructions, see this article.
  • A copy of your voicemail is sent to your email inbox. If you need it to go to a different mailbox or if you don't receive them, please let us know.
  • You can also access your voicemail through the web at voicemail.ewu.edu. For advanced instructions, see this article.
  • From Jabber, if you have it installed. For instructions, see this article.

Q. Why isn't the red indicator light turning off when I listen and or delete voicemail in my email?

A. Our voicemail system sends email copies to your email but your email is no longer synced with your voicemail, therefore if you listen to or delete a voicemail from your email inbox, it will still remain on our phone system. You will need to manage your voicemail either on your desk phone or the voicemail web inbox.

Q. Why did this change?

A. This change now allows you to save voicemails in your email, without the possibility of your voicemail box filling up. Previously, if you wanted to preserve a voicemail in your email, it would also sit forever in your voicemail box. If you deleted it in either location, it would delete it in the other as well.

Q. How long are messages kept in my voicemail box?

A. 90 days total. The voicemail message will automatically get moved folder to folder in 30 day increments. You'll receive a email notifying you 3 days in advance when your voicemail will be permanently deleted. 

Q. How long are voicemail message kept in my Outlook account?

A. With this change, indefinitely unless you delete them.

Q. Can I retrieve messages after I delete them?

A. Deleted messages are no longer accessible once you hang up the receiver. To recover a delete voicemail message in your email, check the Deleted Items folder.

Q. I checked my messages, but the light it still on. What happened?

A. You must make a selection to either save or delete all of your new voicemail messages before the light will go off.

Q. Do I have to listen to the whole message before making a selection?

A. You can press 33 to forward to the end of the message.

Q. How do I forward a voicemail message to another extension?

A. At the end of the message, press 6 and follow the prompt. Press ## to select a voicemail box by the extension.