This is the work around for finesse error: "CF_RESOURCE_OUT_OF_SERVICE Please try again or contact the administrator." When trying to go to "Ready" state in the call queue.

This may happen when the client has a Jabber soft-phone with their "IPCC" service queue phone number programmed on it so they can work from home and answer their call queue.

If they are onsite and get this error below is the work around. Make sure they don't have their Jabber soft-phone open at the same time while trying to log into the queue onsite.

1.) Make sure the user is logged into extension mobility on their desk phone

2.) Log into Cisco Finesse

3.) Press "OK" on the error.

4.) Have them select or highlight the IPCC number on their physical desk phone by pressing the hard key next to their IPCC number.

5.) Pick up the handset.

6.) Hang up the handset.

7.) Have them select "Ready"

This should resolve this issue for the day. If you continue to have issues please contact the EWU IT help-desk at x2247 (509.359.2247) or your IT coordinator.

Thank you.