First and foremost: Make sure you have submitted a Help Desk ticket to have a Jabber account created. If you don't have an account, you will not be able to log in. 

You can request for one here:

1. Navigate to Software Center on your EWU owned Laptop. Click the "start" or "windows" icon on the bottom left of you taskbar. 

2. Type in "Software Center" and select the "Software Center App"

3. Click on "Cisco Jabber" under "Applications".

4. Then click "Install".

5. Once it is finished installing launch Cisco Jabber, this can be done by clicking the "windows Icon" again and typing in "Cisco Jabber" and selecting it.

6. Cisco Jabber will Launch, click "sign In".

7. Your username may already be pre-filled out. If so, just type in your password if its not, then type your whole email in the username field this includes the "". At the next window, you can then type in your username normally as seen in the screen shot below, and type your password once again. If you get any certificate pop ups asking to accept/trust certificates please do so.

8. Accept/Trust all Certificate pop ups. There will be a few.

You should be all set! Please see our other Cisco Jabber support articles below for assistance or reach out to the EWU IT Help desk x2247 (509.359.2247) and/or your IT coordinator if you have any issues. 

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