EWU now has a way to self-install any networked printer on your university-owned PC.

To get started:

  1. Look for the PaperCut Print Deploy icon in the lower right of your screen in the task tray (you may need to click the up arrow to see the icon). It looks like a printer.

  2. Right-click on the Print Deploy Icon and select View my printers

  3. The main Print Deploy Window will open, showing you any currently installed printers. Some printers may have already been installed for you automatically. Any printers that you manually install will also show up here.

  4. To install a new printer, select Add printer. Find the printer you want to add and click Install. Add as many printers as you need. You can close this window when you are done. That's it, your printers are now ready for use.

Note: You use the PaperCut Print Deploy client to manage your printers. If you remove them manually through the Control Panel, they will automatically be reinstalled.