EWU IT supports the following configurations for Macintosh Computers:



ProcessorApple M1 8-Core

Graphics: 8-Core

Storage:  256GB SSD

Memory:  8GB RAM 

Ports:  2-Thunderbolt (USB-C), 2-USB 3.0

Peripherals:  Magic Keyboard with Touch ID
Warranty:  4 year AppleCare+ 

ProcessorApple M1 8-Core

Graphics: 8-Core 

Storage: 512GB SSD 

Memory: 16GB RAM 

Ports2-Thunderbolt (USB-C), 2-USB 3.0 

Peripherals: Magic Keyboard with Touch ID 
Warranty:  4 year AppleCare+


Display: 13” 

Processor: M2 Pro 8 Core

Graphics: 8 Core

Storage: 512 GB SSD

Memory: 16 GB

Ports:  2-Thunderbolt (USB-C)

Warranty:  4 year AppleCare+

Display:  14”

Processor:  M2 Pro 10 Core

Graphics:  16 Core

Storage:  512 GB SSD

Memory: 16 GB

Ports:  3-Thunderbolt (USB-C), HDMI, SDXC, MagSafe Power Adapter

Warranty:  4 year AppleCare+

When you are ready to place an order, please see our Order guide for purchasing Apple computers and devices.

If you have questions about what hardware would best suit your needs, contact the EWU IT Help Desk via phone at 509.359.2247 or via e-mail at helpdesk@ewu.edu.