Due to changes in Adobe Licensing, the Adobe instance of Virtual Labs 2.0 will require an Adobe account with the appropriate License applied. We apologize for any inconvenience, but Adobe currently prohibits virtual lab licensing.

Students may sign up for a subscription through Adobe here As of 7/13/2020 * Students get 60% off the regular price for the first year. Students pay US$19.99/mo the first year, and US$29.99/mo after that. Regular price is US$52.99.  Adobe products remain available in physical labs on both the Cheney and Spokane campuses and on library check out laptops.

Faculty and Staff needing Adobe for University work may request a license for the full CC

Adobe Virtual Labs 2.0 can be accessed by following the steps below.  Please keep in mind your experience may not include all of the steps listed if you have already authenticated to another EWU application.


Information on technical requirements for Adobe Virtual Labs 2.0 is available in the IT Knowledge base.

Logging In

Step 1

Open a supported browser of your choice.  To see a list of supported browsers, view the Requirements for Virtual Labs 2.0.

Step 2

Navigate to Adobe Virtual Labs 2.0 or click the following link

Step 3

Log in your EWU NetID credentials.

Log in with your EWU credentials

Step 4

Once authenticated, select AdobeApps icon.


Step 5

Once loaded, click the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps icon.  * Note that this app will take approximately two minutes to load.

Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps

Step 6

Re-authenticate a second time with your EWU NetID credentials.

Authenticate a second time

Step 7

Adobe Creative Cloud will require you to log in with your Adobe ID.  * Learn about creating an Adobe ID.

Sign into with your Adobe ID

Step 8

When prompted, select the Company or School Account.

Step 9

You may be required to re-authenticate to EWU's Single-Sign-On.

Re-authenticate to EWU's Single-Sign-On

Step 10

Once authenticated, you should have access to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Creative Cloud