What is Argos?

Argos, from Evisions, is a reporting tool that replaced Jasper.

Argos reporting is built on DataBlocks, which are created by developers in Institutional Research.  DataBlocks are collections of data aimed at a specific set of data.  Multiple reports and dashboards can be built on a single DataBlock.  Dashboards are the user interface for a Report and often contain a variety of drop-downs that enable the users to select the specific data components they need to customize their report. For example, you can select a term and a class to view students who are enrolled in that class.  

At this time, Argos is being used for all student and any other non-Finance or Human Resources reporting.  (See below for contact information for your Finance and HR reporting needs.)

If you need a report, dashboard or DataBlock created, please create a Help Desk ticket and someone will assist you.  There are two new Service requests you can choose within the Help Desk: 

Link to Argos: https://ewu.edu/argos

Argos Training:  

  • If report writing is a part of your job at EWU, please use this link for training materials available in Canvas:  https://canvas.ewu.edu/courses/1361756
  • Members of Institutional Research (IR) and Informational Technology (IT) can create DatalBlocks.  DataBlock training is available for these individuals in Canvas:  https://canvas.ewu.edu/courses/1430077 Permission and access to this course are granted by IT/IR.

Finance, Budget and Human Resources Reporting:  The reporting tool of choice for Finance, Budget and Human Resources reporting is called Tableau.  Please contact the following people for assistance: