Ending your Session

If you end your session by choosing End session on the navigation toolbar, you are prompted to save any open documents and are then disconnected from the streaming instance. Any unsaved documents cannot be recovered.

To end your session:

  1. Select Profile from the navigation bar
    Profile icon in Navigation Bar
  2. Select End session to logout
    End session in Navigation toolbar 

Idle Disconnect

Virtual Labs 2.0 will automatically disconnect idle users after 20 minutes. A notification will appear informing you that you are about to be disconnected due to inactivity. If you reconnect in the next 15 minutes you will be reconnected to the same streaming session, otherwise, you will start a new streaming session.

Users are considered idle when they stop providing keyboard or mouse input during their streaming session. File uploads and downloads, audio in, audio out, and pixels changing do not qualify as user activity.

Title: Lost connectivity due to inactivity. Message: You have been disconnected due to inactivy. Choose Reconnect to reconnect to your session. If your streaming session has ended, you will be redirected. Action Button: Reconnect

Max Session Duration

Virtual Labs 2.0 session length is capped at 240 minutes. If you are still connected five minutes before this limit is reached, you are prompted to save any open documents before being disconnected. After this time elapses, the instance is terminated and replaced by a new instance.