Virtual Labs 2.0 (AppStream) is a browser-based virtual lab that lets students access the applications they need from anywhere, including classrooms, the library, and at home. A variety of academic software programs including MATLAB, Mathematica, SPSS, Stata, and more are available to use with no download required.


Information on technical requirements for Virtual Labs 2.0 is available in the IT Knowledgebase.

Logging In

Step 1

Open a supported browser of your choice.  To see a list of supported browsers, view the Requirements for Virtual Labs 2.0.

Step 2

Navigate to Virtual Labs 2.0 (AppStream) or click the following link

Step 3

Log in with your EWU Username (e.g. user1. Do not include DOMAIN\).  For example, if your username is swoop, enter swoop only.  Do not enter your full EWU email address!

Virtual Labs 2.0 Sign In Page - Enter your EWU Net ID.

Step 4

On the following page, enter your Single Sign On (SSO) password, then click Sign In.

AWS EWU Virtual Labs Sign In page two. Enter your Single Sign On (SSO) password.



Step 5

Once logged in, you should see an option to select the VirtualLabs icon.  Click it to open the labs area.  This will open a new browser tab.

Select VirtualLabs

Step 5

Once loaded, you will be able to view a dashboard of applications to choose from similar to the screenshot below.  Keep in mind when you open an application it typically takes about 2 minutes to fully load because the session needs to be prepared.  Select an app from the list to get started.

Graphic of the application list

Step 6

You may be prompted to reenter your password after selecting your first application in Virtual Labs 2.0. If prompted, reenter your EWU SSO password and click Log in to proceed.

Possible second password prompt for accessing Virtual Labs 2.0. Enter password and select the Log in button