Logging into Extension Mobility

  • On your device select the "settings" button. (Gear symbol).
  • Find the widget/selection that says “Extension mobility”
  • Select it.
  • In the “User ID” field type in your SSO credential ex. “jdoe57”, you will need to use the keypad. This should stay on the device after you type it once.
  • In the “Pin” field, type in your pin. If you don’t know your pin contact the EWU help desk to reset, it. The default is 12345, give that a try first.
  • Press “submit” at the bottom.
  • Your device should say there was a successful log in and reset itself. (This will reboot the device).
  • Once it is rebooted you should see your IPCC extension, when you do, this means you are logged into your extension mobility profile.
  • To log out follow the first 3 steps and choose log out.
  • Remember, you can only be logged into one device at a time. So be sure to log out when you are moving desks or switching devices.

Q. What is Extension Mobility?

A. Cisco Extension Mobility allows users to temporarily access their phone settings, such as line appearances, services, and speed dials, from other phones within your system. If you have a single phone that will be used by multiple workers, for example, you can configure extension mobility so that individual users can log in to the phone and access their settings without affecting settings on other user accounts.