NOTE** As a preliminary step to installing the IP Communicator; make sure you have a soft-phone profile built in Call Manager. If you don’t or need to check, submit a help-desk ticket by calling x2247 or at and provide the following: First & last name, extension(s), computer name, and your EWU email. This software may/will restart your machine automatically. Have your headsets plugged in and ready.

From the start menu , type in “Make me admin”

Launch the app and choose “Give me admin rights”.

From the start menu , type in “Software Center” and select it or press “Enter”.

In Software Center under Operating Systems select “Cisco SoftPhone Install” and choose “Install”. **Your machine may auto restart

This will begin the installation process. **Your machine may auto restart

From the start menu , type in “Make me admin”

Launch the app and choose “Give me admin rights”.

Make sure you have your head-set plugged into your machine. (Most Laptops have a mic and speakers built in.) Double click the “Cisco IP Communicator” shortcut on your desktop.  This will launch the “About Audio Tuning Wizard”.

Click through the tuning wizard and press “play” to test your speakers/headphones. Adjust volume as needed.


Click “next”, then press “Test” to Test your mic. Adjust volume as needed.

Click “Finish” when done. This will begin to launch your communicator.

When your communicator finishes loading, make sure it displays your name and your extension(s). If it doesn’t, refer to the “NOTE**” at the top of the page. OR if it doesn't show the correct user and number right away, quit the application and restart your machine, then relaunch the app.

You can make calls just like you would in your office. If you are supposed to be in a call queue, log into extension mobility like you would normally then into finesse.


If you have any questions or issues, please contact the help-desk at x2247 or at