Redirect a URL from your InsideEWU WordPress site

Who can create a redirect?

Wordpress site administrators can create redirects using the Safe Redirect Tool

What should I know if I create a redirect?

Please be aware

  • Only create redirects to EWU owned or trusted web pages
  • Redirects to web pages you don't manage (and those you do) often break and must be maintained by you

Why would I create a redirect?

You might want a redirect for the following reasons:

  • A page URL has changed
  • You'd like a shortened URL
  • You'd like a permanent URL that easy to remember

How Do I create a redirect?

  1. Start at your WordPress site Dashboard

  2. Hover over Tools in the Dashboard Sidebar
    WordPress Tools Sidebar Option

  3. Select the Safe Redirect Manager tool
    WordPress Safe Redirect Manager link in the Tools section

  4. Click the Create Redirect Rule to begin the process of creating a redirect.
    the Create Redirect Rule button

  5. Enter the friendly name that you'd like to use into the Redirect From field. If you don't enter a slash at the beginning of your Redirect From, WordPress will automatically do this for you.
    WordPress Safe Redirect Rule - Redirect From: /redirects

  6. In the Redirect To setting enter the full URL, you'd like the redirect to point to. This can be updated in the future if your requirements change.
    WordPress Safe Redirect Rule - Redirect To:
  7. Select the HTTP Status Code for your redirect. In general, select 301 Moved Permanently. You might also use 307 Temporary Redirect if the redirect will be deleted after a short period of time.
    WordPress Safe Redirect Rule - HTTP Status Code: 301 Moved Permanently
  8. Select the Publish or Update button to enable the redirect.

What will my redirect URL Look like?

The redirect URL is created from three pieces

  1. The InsideEWU domain -
  2. Your WordPress site - /<site>
  3. Your Redirect From setting - /<redirect-from><site>/<redirect-from>

In the example above, we created a redirect rule from the Information Technology Site (/it) using the Redirect From setting (/redirects). The resulting redirect URL is: