URL shortening

What is URL Shortening?

URL shortening is a technique in which a URL may be made substantially shorter and still direct to the required web page or document. This is achieved by using a redirect that links to the web page that has a long URL.

For example, the URL "https://inside.ewu.edu/examples/2020/01/17/example-1.html)" can be shortened to "https://ewu.edu.com/example1"

Why Shorten a URL?

A shortened URL may be desired for:

  • A URL to used in a messaging tool with limited characters (for example SMS and Twitter)
  • Reducing the amount of typing required for a reader copying a URL from a print source
  • Making the URL easier for a person to remember
  • Creating a permalink
  • Beautify a link

Short URL Options at EWU

EWU Redirects ewu.edu/<shortURL>

EWU Marketing and Communications creates and manages shortened URLs from ewu.edu. Short URLs from ewu.edu must link to an EWU web page or document and are intended to exist for longer periods of time.


https://ewu.edu/marcom redirects to https://www.ewu.edu/university-marketing-communications/

https://ewu.edu/it redirects to https://inside.ewu.edu/it/

https://ewu.edu/map redirects to https://www.ewu.edu/apply/visit-ewu/maps/

To request an ewu.edu redirect, complete the Marcom web support request form

GO EWU Redirects - go.ewu.edu/<shortURL>

EWU Marketing and Communications also creates and manages shortened URLs from go.ewu.edu. Short URLs from go.ewu.edu can be used to redirect to web pages and documents affiliated with EWU such as a Facebook group or a community event or less permanent pages.


https://go.ewu.edu/37oWsiW redirects to https://inside.ewu.edu/news/featured/save-the-date-giving-joy-day-is-moving-to-april/

https://go.ewu.edu/plates redirect to the Alumni Pride page that highlights WA license plates that feature EWU

To request a go.ewu.edu redirect, complete the Marcom web support request form

InsideEWU Redirects - inside.ewu.edu/<your-site>/<shortURL>

An InsideEWU WordPress site can be used to create shortened URLs. WordPress site admins have access to the Safe Redirect Manager tool for creating redirects. Site owners maintain the responsibility of ensuring these redirects are updated and don't point to broken web pages or obsolete documents.


https://inside.ewu.edu/it/mmc redirects to https://inside.ewu.edu/it/service/multimedia-commons/

https://inside.ewu.edu/bas/waiver-request/ redirects to https://inside.ewu.edu/rcp/waiver-request/

https://inside.ewu.edu/grants redirects to https://inside.ewu.edu/ogrd/

Steps to create a shortened URL with on you InsideEWU site can be found in this IT Support Article.

Insert Hyperlink into Text

If you are creating using a URL on a web page or in a document not meant for printing, you likely do not need a shortened URL. Editing tools allow selected text such as this to link to a URL which then hides the URL from the user.

To link text directly to a URL look for an icon that looks like a chain link. 


Icon to insert hyperlinks into selected text and Adding a Hyperlink to Selected Text in an Outlook Email Draft and Adding a hyperlink to selected text in WordPress